This weeks everyday hero is Jacob Zernick

This weeks Everyday Hero is Jacob Zernick. At the age of 11 he founded a non profit foundation called “seedz 4 needz” as a way to give back to Children’s hospital Pittsburgh and kids with Chronic illnesses. Currently a 7th Grader at Central Cambria Middle School. Jakob was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 8. He raises funds by selling vegetables at the end of his driveway that he grows from seeds in his basement to his garden, donations and from selling the seedz for needz t-shirts. He purchases toys, games and other fun items with the money raised. Jakob then delivers them to Childrens Hosptial Pittsburgh every 8 weeks. When he goes for his infusion treatment for Chrohn’s. For more information check out his “Seedz for Needz” facebook page!