Eric Church Stopped His Show Last Friday to Break Up a Fight, and He Gave Out Pit Passes to Random Fans the Next Night

Somebody posted video of ERIC CHURCH stopping his show on Friday in Boston to break up a fight.  He’s pretty calm about it considering it started when “a drunk lady hit a teenager with her boot.”

You don’t see the fight, it’s just Eric on stage issuing an ultimatum.  He says, “No fighting, no fighting, no fighting.  I don’t sing if you fight, that’s the way it goes.  I don’t sing if you fight.”  It’s over in about a minute and he goes back to singing.

Eric also had a show the next night in Boston, and he did a cool thing before the concert even started.  He got into the back seat of an SUV and drove around giving out pit passes to fans who were heading into the place.