Dolly Parton Started Writing Songs When She Was Seven, and She’ll Be Performing at Sunday’s Grammys

This is a huge week for DOLLY PARTON, and it all revolves around the Grammys.  We’ll start with an interview she did on Monday at a sneak peak of the Grammy Museum’s new exhibit of her outfits.

She was asked to talk about what got her started.  She grew up in a musical family, so it’s always been part of her life, but, as we know, she’s special.

“As soon as I learned to play the guitar when I was about seven, I started writing some serious songs after that.  One of my uncles gave me the guitar.  It was a little baby Martin.  And one of my other uncles taught me how to play it.

“Anytime anybody would come around I’d learn new chords.  Everybody played instruments.  That was natural.  I just kept doing it and kept writing and kept singing and I just wanted to sing for anybody that would listen.  That was my dream.”

The big moment happened when she was 10 and her uncle took her to perform live on a local radio show.  She did a George Jones song and the audience loved her so much they wanted more.  But she didn’t have another song ready.

So, her uncle told her to sing the same song again, and she did . . . two more times.  The audience STILL loved her, and that’s when she knew.