Jimmie Allen Was Told He Was Too Pop for Country, and Too Country for Pop

If you want to make it in Nashville you gotta have thick skin, right?  You hit town with no money and you hardly know anyone . . . and then you deal with one rejection after another until you catch a big break.  Or you give up and go home.

JIMMIE ALLEN remembers it well. “I moved to Nashville in ’07 from Delaware and lived in my car for like four months.  I lived in a trailer with no electric.”

It’s a wonder he stayed considering the stupid advice he got. “It was weird because I was told I was too pop for country, but I was too country for pop.  For ten years I was in limbo and then finally in 2017 I got a deal and things have been cool.”

The interview was with Chicago’s “Windy City Live”.  He also got a chance to perform an acoustic version of “Make Me Want To”.