A Bank Robber Used an E-Scooter to Get Away . . . and the Cops Identified Him from the Data

I guess that once those e-scooters started popping up in cities all over the country, it was only a matter of time before someone would use them to commit a crime.

Last month, a guy robbed a bank in Austin, Texas. And when he got the cash from the teller, he ran outside, and hopped on a Jump scooter and scooted away.

To use one of those scooters, you have to have an account linked to your phone and credit card.

So the cops sent a subpoena to Uber, which owns the Jump scooters, for data about the ride. And Uber just sent over the robber’s info, including his name, phone number, email, and credit card information.

And the cops arrested 19-year-old Luca Mangiarano on Thursday for robbery.