Green Day 1/23/19

Green Day is about to begin selling iconic, used Dookie memorabilia online to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1994 breakout album’s release. More than 100 iconic pieces of Green Day history are going up for sale on, starting on February 7th.

The band have teamed up with the online instrument marketplace to sell a selection of items including almost 50 personal guitars from Billie Joe Armstrong and five drum sets from Tre Cool. Among the items for sale are Armstrong’s first guitar ever, a Harmony Stella Parlor acoustic, along with the cabinets used for the band’s 1994 Woodstock performance and on both the Dookie and Insomniac tours.

Armstrong remarked, “Every guitar has its own character. Each one reflects who you are — the kind of songwriter you are, the kind of guitar player that you are. Used guitars, in particular, come with a history to them. I love the character you can see looking at a fretboard that’s been used. After 30 years of collecting odds and ends and really good stuff . . . I have to sell some of it off.”

Cool added, “I hope whoever buys this stuff gets some enjoyment out of it . . . rocking it on their stage or putting it in their studio. I really hope they just don’t sit around and get dusty.”

Armstrong hinted to fans on Instagram last month that he was writing new Green Day songs but did not share any more details. The band kept a low profile for much of 2018, although they posted photos over the summer indicating that they had been rehearsing classic early albums like DookieInsomniac and Kerplunk! in full.

Story source: Alternative Press