The Troy Gentry Benefit Show Raised Over $300,000 . . . and Blake Shelton Performed “Over You”, the Song He Wrote with Miranda Lambert

Blake SheltonDierks Bentley, and Rascal Flatts were some of the performers at Wednesday’s charity concert to benefit the Troy Gentry Foundation.  Troy’s widow Angie helped plan it, and they raised over $300,000.

We’ll get to the concert in a moment but first I want to talk about something that Angie revealed in public for the very first time.  She told People that she donated Troy’s body to the Gift of Life Donor Program.

This was back in 2017 after the tragic helicopter accident that took his life.  She tried to donate his organs but they weren’t viable because of his injuries.  However, his bones, tissue, and corneas were all worthy candidates.

She said, “We had to do something because he was such a huge persona.  He just couldn’t go away like that.  You don’t throw something away that’s perfect.  It was something I felt Troy would have said:  ‘Do it.'”

As for the concert, everyone’s talking about Blake’s tribute.  He talked about Troy being underrated as a musician and a performer.  He remembered the first time he played “Over You” for him.

“I played him a song that I wrote with MIRANDA [LAMBERT] . . . and she had a great record on this.  [It] was about my brother, and Troy didn’t know it was about my brother, and at the time he had lost his brother.

“I remember after I played the song I looked at him and I could tell that it hit had him really hard.  He wasn’t crying or anything, he was just beside himself a little bit.

“And I remember thinking, ‘Wow, he went through the same thing that I went through, losing my brother.  And I feel like tonight it’s only appropriate that we do this song for Troy this time.”