Dave Grohl Falls Again 1/11/19

Foo Fighters played their first show of 2019 on Wednesday night (January 9th) at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and frontman Dave Grohl commemorated the event by falling off the stage.

As seen in an Instagram video, Grohl can be seen accepting a beer from an audience member, placing it on top of a speaker and attempting unsuccessfully to drink it hands free while jamming.

When the beer spills, he quickly grabs and chugs it, but loses his balance as he steps backwards and falls from the stage. Fortunately there are security team members there to help break his fall, after which he regains his footing and gets back onstage.

Grohl famously broke his leg in 2015 falling off a stage in Sweden, forcing him to perform a number of shows on the band’s tour that summer while seated on a throne. Grohl also fell during a gig in Florida last year after stumbling over a speaker, but managed to brace himself before hitting the floor below.

Foo Fighters will next appear at the tribute concert for the late Chris Cornell taking place at the Forum in Los Angeles on January 16th. The band will also perform the night before the Super Bowl in Atlanta and has booked two shows to help open the new Fillmore venue in New Orleans in mid-February.

Story source: Loudwire