Honeydrippers???? 1/9/19

Robert Plant took to Twitter yesterday (January 8th) to tease a reunion of his one-off solo project band, the Honeydrippers. Plant tweeted a photo of himself and Chic‘s Nile Rodgers, the guitarist on the group’s sole release, the 1984’s The Honeydrippers: Volume One EP. Above the photo of him and Rodgers in the studio: “Another reunion…Honeydrippers Vol I 1984, Part 2…”

The Honeydrippers: Volume One was released on September 24th, 1984 and peaked at Number Five on the Billboard 200. The album was the brainchild of Plant and Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, who co-produced the set with Atlantic’s Phil Carson.

In addition to Nile Rodgers on rhythm guitar, the EP’s lead guitar duties were split between Jimmy Page — who tackled the six-string on two tracks — including the Top Three hit remake of Phil Phillips‘ 1959 classic “Sea Of Love.” Jeff Beck was featured on two songs — including the album’s second single, the Top 25 remake of Roy Brown‘s “Good Rockin’ At Midnight.”

Robert Plant revealed to us shortly after Ahmet Ertegun’s 2006 death that the pair had been in talks to reunite and record a full-length Honeydrippers album: [“We’d been in touch. I knew he was thrilled with the idea of it — (it was) something that we were both looking forward to.”] SOUNDCUE (:05 OC: . . . looking forward to)

Plant told us that the music he grew up with informed all the music that followed — from the Band Of Joy to Led Zeppelin and especially the Honeydrippers: [“I was born into a rock-blues-folk-scene, and I, as a kid in bands when I was, like 15, or whatever it was, I was just apin’ everybody. And I thought Route 1 was to just kick ass, y’know? And basically, it did me a lot of good doing that.”] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . good doing that)