Carly Pearce and Michael Ray Are Both “Very Old Souls”

CARLY PEARCE and MICHAEL RAY went from dating to engaged in about six months.  It seems pretty fast, although not unusual.  But when she was asked what made Michael the one for her, that answer IS a little unusual.

“Our grandfathers both played such key roles into our lives.  The Pearce name is my grandfather . . . the red feather [tattoo] on my arm and my logo, all of that.  Amos is [Michael’s] grandfather’s name that he named his record after.”

The grandfather influence runs pretty deep.  She says she and Michael are both “very old souls” who have similar, old school values.

There’s more to their connection, of course.  She brought up the old saying about “find the person that makes you better.”  She’s very independent and nobody had ever made her feel that way . . . until Michael.

“I was always like very against that statement ’cause I never understood what that meant.  And I get it now.”