How Does Florida Georgia Line Decide Who Will Sing Lead on Each Song?

When a FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE song comes through the speakers you’re almost always hearing TYLER HUBBARD singing lead, and BRIAN KELLEY doing harmony.  It works for them.

But that arrangement’s not set in stone.  Brian says it’s a team decision about who takes the lead . . . and it’s driven by what’s best for the song.

“Tyler and I have always been big on what makes that specific song the best and we just kind of chase that down and whether that’s me singing a little bit lead here and there or Tyler singing the whole thing and me doing all the harmonies.

“Whatever’s the best for the song, we’ve always just chased that down and it gives us just a little bit different sound.  It keeps it fresh.”

But since Tyler is the top dog on their biggest songs, when Brian does handle lead vocals it almost sounds like an entirely different band.