New Album from John Mellencamp 12/20/18

John Mellencamp is back at Number One on Billboard‘s Top Rock Albums chart with the chart debut of his latest collection, Other People’s Stuff. The new album, which debuted at Number Seven on the Billboard 200 albums chart, sold 44,000 units according to Nielsen music — which posted that nearly all the sales of the set came from “traditional album sales.” The set, which is Mellencamp’s 24th album, features covers of older material recorded over the course of his career, includes such highlights as the well-worn civil rights anthem “Keep You Eyes On The Prize,” Merle Travis‘ “Dark As A Dungeon,” the great American ballad, “Wreck Of The Old ’97,” and Stevie Wonder‘s “I Don’t Know Why I Love You.”

This is Mellencamp’s fifth appearance on the Top Rock Albums chart, which Billboard launched in 2006. Most recently, Mellencamp’s 2017’s album Sad Clowns & Hillbillies peaked at Number Three. Billboard reported, “(Other People’s Stuff) also represents Mellencamp’s 11th Top 10 on the Billboard 200, his first since 2010’s Nothing Better Than This.

John Mellencamp admitted to us that he’s realistic these days as to why he writes and releases new music: [“I’ve come to the conclusion that any record that I put out now, is really just a calling card. I don’t really anticipate sellin’ a bunch of ’em, because people don’t buy ’em anymore! They’re calling cards to let people know that I’m still writing songs, and I’m still current and I’m not an oldies act and I will never be and oldies act and there won’t be any ‘Happy Together’ tour for John Mellencamp.”] SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . for John Mellencamp)

John Mellencamp kicks off his 2019 dates on February 7th in South Bend, Indiana at Morris Performing Arts Center.


  • It was posted on, “Culled from seminal albums, compilations, unearthed sessions and documentaries, (Other People’s Stuff) serves as a proud homage to some of the greatest songs in history. For the album, Mellencamp recorded a brand-new version of ‘Eyes On The Prize,’ which was originally performed at The White House. Mellencamp was asked by the Obama administration to perform for the 2010 Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement event. Mellencamp said of the new set, ‘Most, if not all, of the songs on Other People’s Stuff come from the ‘Great American Songbook.’ These are songs that have been recorded over the last 40 years of my career, but had never been put together as one piece of work. Now, they have.'”

The tracklisting for John Mellencamp’s Other People’s Stuff is:

“To The River” (originally from 1993’s Human Wheels)
“Gambling Bar Room Blues” (originally from 1997’s The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers — A Tribute)
“Teardrops Will Fall” (originally from 2003’s Trouble No More)
“In My Time Of Dying” (originally from 1997’s Rough Harvest)
“Mobile Blue” (originally from 2017’s Sad Clowns & Hillbillies)
“Eyes On The Prize” (originally performed at The White House in 2010)
“Dark As A Dungeon” (originally from the 2017 National Geographic Channel documentary From The Ashes)
“Stones in My Passway” (originally from 2003’s Trouble No More)
“Wreck Of The Old 97” (originally from 2004’s The Rose And The Briar)
“I Don’t Know Why I Love You” (originally from 2003’s An Interpretation Of Stevie Wonder’s Songs)