Luke Bryan is In a Holiday Prank Battle with His Wife

LUKE BRYAN and his wife Caroline have been doing a “12 Days of Pranksmas” and she’s been posting videos on Instagram.  They’re pretty good.

There’s one from a few days ago where he’s talking on the phone and she sneaks up and blasts an air horn.  (Here’s the link.  Click the inside arrow.)

He got into the act by surprising her with his cheesy new mustache.  (It’s two clips.  In the first one he talks directly to the camera.  The second video is when he surprises her and then announces, “Let the games begin.”)

She posted another clip where she’s spreading clear nail polish on his favorite bar of soap so it won’t lather.

Luke got someone to shoot the video for this one.  He’s in the kitchen and yells “Ow” as if he’s hurt himself.  She looks over and sees him holding a knife in one hand and his other hand is a bloody mess.

Then she notices a ketchup bottle and walks over to spank him a couple of times.