Florida Georgia Line’s New Album is Influenced by ’90s Country

FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE announced they’re releasing their fourth album on February 15th.  It’s called “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” . . . and they’re going to support it with a tour of the same name.

BRIAN KELLEY talked about how they came up with the title. “You can say a lot of things.  You can call somebody a lot of different names and have a lot of different opinions, but at the end of the day, when it comes to me and TYLER [HUBBARD], you can’t say we ain’t country.”

He added that the sound is heavily influenced by “the ’90s country” they grew up on . . . but it’s also well-rounded. “We got some collaborations with Jason Derulo [and] Jason Aldean.  So, there’s a little bit of everything.”

Tyler is just itching to get things rolling.  He says, “We’ve been working on [it] for over a year now, so BK and I are definitely ready.  And we’re gonna kick off our big headline tour I think, in May.”