Nikki Sixx 12/5/18

Motley Crue and Sixx: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx is working on a “trilogy” project for a 2019 release. Sixx, who said last year that he was “unofficially retired” from touring, discussed his plans in an Instagram post, writing, “Officially start working on a new album tomorrow as part of my trilogy project for 2019. Very excited to be working with a handful of different producers and artists to pull the vision that’s been haunting me together.”

It is not clear if Sixx’s new “trilogy project” will involve any new music from Sixx: A.M., which has been on hiatus since 2017. Asked by a fan over the weekend if he has written any new songs for Sixx: A.M. or if he has closed that door, Sixx responded, “We have a lot of cool new music coming next year.”

Sixx: A.M. released its most recent album, Prayers For The Blessed Vol. 2, in November 2016. Sixx underwent both shoulder and hip surgery in 2017, which was at least partially why he decided to step back from touring.

In 2015, Motley Crue completed its own “Final Tour,” performing a total of 164 shows in 72 markets before ending the band’s tenure as a live act.

Story source: Blabbermouth


  • A film adaptation of Motley Crue’s 2001 autobiography, The Dirt, will premiere on Netflix in March. The soundtrack is expected to include four new songs the band recorded earlier this year with producer Bob Rock.
  • Sixx is working on the Broadway adaptation of his memoir, The Heroin Diaries: A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star.
  • Sixx: A.M. was first conceived as a musical “soundtrack” to that book, before becoming a full recording and touring act.