The Cops Say a Guy Was Using His Phone While Driving . . . He’s Fighting to Prove It Was McDonald’s Hash Browns

There’s a guy named Jason Stiber in Westport, Connecticut, and he says he’s, quote, “going to trial for justice.”  But . . . um . . . it’s not exactly the kind of justice that’s going to change the world.

Back on April 11th, around 6:00 A.M., Jason was pulled over for distracted driving.  The cop said he saw Jason talking on a phone, and gave him a $300 ticket.

BUT . . . Jason says he wasn’t talking on the phone, he was eating hash browns from McDonald’s.

And he has some evidence backing it up:  His call log shows he wasn’t on the phone . . . and his car has Bluetooth, so he wouldn’t hold up his phone to make calls.

In spite of all that, a judge still found him guilty when he tried to fight the ticket in August.

So Jason’s quest for justice is still going.  He requested a re-trial, and he’ll have it next month.  And this time, he hired a lawyer for $1,000 . . . which is about the same amount his car insurance went up because of the ticket.