Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood “Won’t Touch Politics” at the CMAs

As always, there will be plenty of surprises at the CMAs, but there’s one thing there WON’T be this year.  Politics.  At least not while BRAD PAISLEY and CARRIE UNDERWOOD are in front of the mic.

Brad says, “I’m not gonna touch that.  I just don’t find politics funny anymore.  There was a time when it was.  It’s just not funny to me anymore.

“I wanna do fun stuff.  I don’t wanna talk down, I don’t wanna talk up . . . it’s like, ‘Let’s have fun.’  Let’s talk about things that everybody can agree are funny.”

Brad wants everyone to feel “welcome and inclusive” and you can’t do that if you’re offending people.  The key is to find the stuff everyone can agree on.

“What’s the common ground?  What’s the thing you can sit with anyone no matter where they stand and say, ‘Don’t we agree on this?'”

One more CMA thing:  LUKE BRYAN will open the show with a performance of “What Makes You Country”, but he won’t be alone.  He announced that a “slate of rising stars” will be joining him.