Vets Aid 11/9/18

On Sunday — Veterans Day — (November 11th) at Tacoma, Washington’s Tacoma Dome, Joe Walsh will be joined by fellow Eagle Don Henley, brother-in-law Ringo StarrJames Taylor,Haim, and Chris Stapleton at the second annual Vets Aid 2018 benefit concert.

Walsh launched his national 501(c)3 non-profit veterans organization on September 20th, 2017 with an inaugural concert at Fairfax, Virginia’s EagleBank Arena. Appearing with Walsh at last year’s show were Zac Brown BandKeith Urban, and Gary Clark Jr. The first Vets Aid concert disbursed nearly $400,000 in grants to veterans’ services organizations nationally and locally.

Joe Walsh said in the press release for Sunday’s VetsAid event: “This Veterans Day I invite you to join me and my friends to remember the men and women who have served our country and honor their sacrifice by helping us raise funds to support their essential and basic needs. I invite us to come together and celebrate the things that unite us as Americans. . . like great music!”
Joe Walsh told us about the realities of being part of a Gold Star family: [“I’m actually a Gold Star kid. My dad was actually killed in the Army Air Corps. I was born in ’47, he was killed in ’49, and so I kinda grew up without a dad. I eventually got a stepdad, who I love and who’s always had my back. But, my first six years of being alive I was dad-less. I always wondered what he was like and I alw. . . Y’know, I didn’t have anybody to play catch with or any kind of father figure until my stepfather came along.”] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . stepfather came along)

We asked Joe Walsh about the prospect of him jamming with his A-list guests over the course of Sunday night’s show: [“At Crossroads (Guitar Festival) I played ‘Steamroller Blues’ with James, and of course, if Don’s gonna do ‘(Life In The) Fast Lane’ and ‘Hotel California,’ I’ll probably get up there and do that. We’re gonna leave it wide open, if it mutates to where people are on stage besides their part of it, that’d be great! That used to happen all the time, but it’s a different world now (laughs).”SOUNDCUE (:25 OC: . . . different world now (laughs))

Ringo Starr explained that the relationship he shares with Joe Walsh these days is worlds away from when they first worked together in the early-1980’s: [“It’s a different life we lead now. We both, actually got our share of ‘medication’ (laughs), y’know, for many years and we both pulled out of that life and now, y’know, we’re a couple of healthy guys, livin’ a good life. We’re playing a lot; I’m playing every chance I get — y’know, he’s out solo. And, y’know, we’re brother-in-law(s) now. He’s my brother-in-law — not only my best friend.”] SOUNDCUE (:27 OC: . . . my best friend)


  • Tickets are available through the Tacoma Dome Box Office as well as Ticketmaster and will be priced at $155, $95, $45 and $25.
  • Military discounts will be available to all active and retired military personnel and their families by showing identification at the Tacoma Dome Box Office.
  • For more information, including grant applications for small veterans services groups, log on to