A Teepee in Front of Brian Kelley’s Nashville Clothing Store Was Vandalized, and He’s Offering a Reward

Four people vandalized a teepee in front of BRIAN KELLEY’s Tribe Kelley Trading Post clothing store in Nashville over the weekend, and he’s offering a $5,000 reward.  Chances are he’ll be paying up, because there’s surveillance video.

Brian hit up Instagram with a couple of selfie clips explaining what went down and details of his offer.  He also posted two surveillance clips of the people ripping the teepee apart.  It looks like they were trying to steal it but eventually gave up.

The store is part of the Florida Georgia Line compound that also houses their Tree Vibez music publishing company.

There’s a longer version of the surveillance video that’s shot from a different angle . . . and you can check that out at Tennessean.com.