A List of the 30 Most Powerful Female Country Singers of All Time Includes Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Miranda Lambert, and Reba McEntire

“Taste of Country” has a list of the 30 Most Powerful Female Country Singers of All Time and DOLLY PARTONis #1.  They based it on commercial success, influence, career longevity, vocal ability, and songwriting skills.

Here’s the Top 10:

#1.  Dolly Parton.  There’s her “artistry, versatility, business sense, and courage.”  And she even has her own amusement park, for cryin’ out loud.

#2.  Loretta Lynn.  She was chosen because of her influence as a singer, songwriter, and female trailblazer.

#3.  Miranda Lambert.  She’s 34 years old and “already has 14 combined Female Vocalist of the Year wins” . . . plus two Grammys.

#4.  Reba McEntire.  A country music icon who’s done pretty much everything you can in the entertainment industry . . . and she’s still going strong.

#5.  Carrie Underwood.  Everything she touches turns to gold, but the “depth and value of her most inspiring songs” is what put her so high on this list.

#6.  Patsy Cline.  Despite a tragically short life, her “tremendous legacy has given her iconic status that compares with Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra.”

#7.  Tammy Wynette.  It’s based on her resume and legacy.

#8.  Shania Twain.  They call her “a watershed artist.”  Also, she’s sold a gazillion records.

#9.  Kitty Wells.  She’s considered the first real female country star.

#10.  Faith Hill.  They chose her because of name recognition . . . and because she’s an all-time great female country singer.

Other highlights include the Dixie Chicks at #11 . . . Kacey Musgraves at #26 . . . and Taylor Swift at #30, and imagine she if she hadn’t switched over to pop.