Local News Headlines 10/18/18

The bill changing the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse has stalled in the state senate.

Traffic is moving again on the Turnpike after a deadly tractor trailer crash between Bedford and Breezewood yesterday.

An Indiana woman may want to think about anger management after a crazy day at a Breezewood convenience store.

A Claysburg area business is closing down costing about 40 workers their jobs.

State Health officials say there may be a fourth case of a very rare, serious, mystery disease similar to polio in Western Pennsylvania.

A bill is awaiting signature on Governor Wolf’s desk that will require opioids to be prescribed electronically.

A bill on the Governor’s desk is designed to help people keep driving after a drug conviction.

State Ambulance companies would be reimbursed when they provide treatment even if they don’t transport a patient to the hospital under a bill waiting for the Governor’s signature.

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