Foos Taking a Break 10/18/18

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has revealed that the band intends to take some time off before recording a new album. Grohl shared the news during an interview with Billboard, saying, “You kind of set these goals for yourself, to see if you can do it again, even when you’re crawling to the finish line you know that it’s there. So here we are at the last set of shows we’ve been on for a year and a half and I’m ready to take a break, but I’m ready to do it again at some point.”

The Foos have been taking a year or two off between their last few albums, although Grohl tends to pop up in between LP cycles with other projects such as his Sound City documentary from a few years back.

He also told Billboard that he already has a rough idea of what the band’s next album — its 10th — should be, explaining, “When we start making records it’s almost like I don’t hear the song as much as I can see them, in my head . . . I see music in kind of shapes and patterns, so I can see the next record, I know that there is another one there, I don’t know when but I think I know what we should do.”

The Foos will finish out their current North American tour and 2018 itinerary on October 23rd in Calgary, Canada. Nothing else is on the books except for two gigs in New Orleans next February and two festival dates the following June. The band has been touring behind its Concrete And Gold LP, which came out in September 2017.

Grohl himself and some friends will debut his 23-minute solo track “Play” live at Warren Haynes‘ annual Christmas Jam on December 8th in Asheville, North Carolina. All proceeds from Christmas Jam will go to the Asheville area Habitat for Humanity.

Story source: Loudwire

SIDE NOTES: Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic spoke about the possibility of future Nirvana reunion shows in a new interview with Kerrang! magazine, following the six-song surprise set two weeks ago at Cal Jam that featured Grohl, Novoselic and guitarist Pat Smear joined by Joan Jett and John McAuley on vocals.

Grohl said, “It’s delicate territory, and you can’t treat it like just another show. It’s very complicated, and very special. In those moments, when it just happens naturally, I think is the best way.” Novoselic remarked, “Personally, it was great to play with those guys again, and to play those songs,” but added that he doesn’t see Nirvana reunion shows becoming a “regular thing” and “a whole circus.”