Eric Church On Why He Refuses to Fill His Songs with Hooks

Although they won’t admit it, most country artists live and die by how many hit records they have.  And if that means recording songs with clever hooks that people love, but then get tired of, who cares.  They’ll record another one.

That’s what sets ERIC CHURCH apart.  His songs may not grab you right away, but once you start listening, you’re going to keep coming back.  He says one of the secrets to that is letting the songs have a “huge amount of space.”

Quote, “That’s my biggest beef with Nashville.  They have studio guys who try to find a hook or a part.  [But] sometimes the silence or space is the part.  The coolest part is non-part.  Or non-solo.  Don’t put a [stupid] solo there.  Let it be.”

Eric says you can expect “a lot of space” in his new album, Desperate Man”, which is out Friday.

In a different interview, Eric revealed that “Desperate Man” is his favorite video of all time.  He loved the “shady characters” that he and his band got to play . . . and is thrilled that his musical hero Ray Wylie Hubbard was a huge part in it.