Slash Speaks Out 10/02/18

On its most recent European tour, Guns N’ Roses began performing the 2004 song “Slither” by Velvet Revolver, the mid-2000s supergroup that featured Guns guitarist Slash, Guns bassist Duff McKagan and late Stone Temple Pilots singer Scott Weiland. Slash said in a recent interview that Guns had “Slither” on a list of potential songs to play live when the reunion tour started in 2016, but that it never came up until now.

Slash explained, “When we went into rehearsals for the European tour, Axl (Rose, vocals) came in (and said), ‘Let’s try “Slither.”‘ It was never even something that we’ve talked about, but hearing Axl do it, considering he’s channeling a little bit of Scott in that, and then Duff and I sort of having been with that song since its inception, the three of us doing it together was very cool.”

“Slither” was the first official single released from Velvet Revolver’s 2004 debut album, Contraband, and it hit Number One on the rock radio chart.

Guns N’ Roses also recently began performing “Shadow Of Your Love,” a track dating back to the earliest days of the group that appears on the recently released expanded deluxe edition of Guns’ debut, Appetite For Destruction. The tour since the start has also included latter-era Guns songs like “Chinese Democracy” and “Better” which neither Slash nor McKagan originally played on.

The apparently final leg of Guns N’ Roses’ “Not In This Lifetime” reunion tour will kick off in Mexico on November 3rd and wrap up in South Africa on November 29th.

Story source: Blabbermouth

SIDE NOTES: Slash said in the same interview that he was never completely comfortable with the video for Guns’ epic 1991 ballad “November Rain,” saying, “That was an epic production. That was all more Axl’s vision than anything I had to do with it . . . Because it was such an elaborate production, being a very sort of stripped-down rock guy, I was like, ‘Oh, God. All this stuff!’ But it did come out pretty f**kin’ awesome. The “November Rain” video recently became the oldest music video to reach one billion views on YouTube.