Rascal Flatts Will Stop Recording Albums, But Still Do Singles

RASCAL FLATTS is at a turning point in their career.  They’re not retiring . . . but they are changing the way they record music.  Instead of going into the studio and grinding out full albums, they’re recording one song at a time.

JOE DON ROONEY tells Billboard, “We’re going single-by-song.  So a singles-based model might be the new [thing] for us for some time in the future.”

JAY DEMARCUS adds, “We’re picking some songs that we love, cutting them and putting them out as we go, trying to still give our fans a lot of content.”

Why?  Well, they want to concentrate on making one “spectacular song” at a time, instead of spreading that energy out to 11 different tracks.

One of those new “songs they love” is called “Back to Life” . . . and in a different interviewGARY LEVOX talked about why they chose that as their latest single.

“[The] lyric was great and the melody was incredible, and you know, it was just one of those things that after listening and after we cut it, it just even got more life to it, and we just thought it’d be a great, great single for this time of the year.”