Local News Headlines 9/28/18

It’s FRIDAY!!! Woo Hoo!!! Here’s your Friday morning 9/28 headlines:

A bill that allows the state to immediately take your driver’s license under certain DUI conditions has passed a State Senate Committee.

An Altoona woman was arrested this week and charged with living in squalor with her four children.

A former Penn State frat member will serve probation as a result of the hazing death of Tim Piazza two years ago.

Blair County officials are looking to add more guards to the ranks at the county prison.

Elected officials in Blair County will continue to see pay increases through 2025.

Three Pennsylvania casinos have now applied to offer sports betting online and in person.

The State House passed a bill that would allow the government to issue speeding tickets based solely on automated cameras in construction zones.

A bill has been introduced in the State House that would allow state and local police officers to carry EpiPens.

The state is looking at ways to help its older veterans beyond the states 6 Veterans Homes.