Country Quiz: Who Said? “I Been Here All Along And I Ain’t Going Nowhere. I Ain’t.”

“I been here all along and I ain’t going nowhere.  I ain’t.”

A.  Loretta Lynn

B.  Charlie Daniels

C.  Kenny Rogers

D.  Willie Nelson

E.  Billy Ray Cyrus

F.  Dolly Parton

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ANSWER:  A.  LORETTA LYNNtalking about getting back in the game after dealing with health issues.   While recovering she pushed back the release her new album, “Wouldn’t It Be Great”, which is finally coming out tomorrow.


Loretta’s 86 years old, so I think we’re all okay with her taking as much time as she needs.  She just released the video for one of the tracks on the new album.  It’s called “Ain’t No Time To Go”.  It’s old school, and I ain’t complaining.  No, I ain’t.