Luke Bryan Credits His Music Teacher for Lighting the Spark

The CMA Foundation has been asking country stars to talk about the teachers who made a difference in their lives.  It’s part of their “Starts With M.E.” campaign.  LUKE BRYAN recently posted his story online.

“I had a music teacher named Miss Unger who was the best.  She was an amazing piano player.  We’d have to get dressed up in costumes and do musicals.  It was some of my first moments on stage, delivering lines, making people laugh.”

The “Starts With M.E.” program gives teachers money to buy instruments and other classroom necessities.  That’s something Luke totally supports.  Quote, “The most important part about children and music is just having an instrument around them.

“And my kids are so blessed to have instruments in the house that they can run by and play on a little bit, but so many kids out there don’t have that option.”

And this is kind of ironic.  In a different interview, Luke was asked if his kids are following in his footsteps.

He said, quote, “Not really.  [Every] now and then I’ll hear one of them in my writing room, just tinkering around on the piano.  But if they come to me and go, ‘Daddy, I’m ready for drum lessons,’ then I’ll know how to facilitate all that.”