Local News Headlines 9/26/18

Bill Cosby left a Montgomery County courtroom in handcuffs yesterday to begin serving a three to ten year prison sentence for sexual assault.

A proposal to give victims of child sexual abuse in Pennsylvania a special window to file lawsuits passed the State House and will face a tougher time in the State Senate.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will take up the question of redactions from the recent grand jury report on child sexual abuse.

A case of bacterial meningitis has been confirmed at the main campus of Penn State.

That threat at Bedford High School’s Homecoming Dance last Saturday turned out to be a hoax, with charges being filed.

A threat against the Altoona School District turned out to be false.

An Altoona man pleaded guilty to a host of drug charges yesterday and is now on his way to prison.

Five persons arrested in a drug sweep this summer were no shows for their preliminary hearings yesterday.

Officials at Lakemont Park have announced that the facility plans to re-open next Memorial Day.