Brett Young Is Glad He Didn’t “Make It” Until He Was Older

I keep forgetting that BRETT YOUNG is 37 years old.  For one, he doesn’t look it, but also because he hasn’t been around that long.  He moved to Nashville four years ago, and didn’t start breaking out until 2016.

He’s a great example of an artist who took awhile to find his voice.  His career started in Los Angeles with people like John MayerGavin DeGraw, and Jason Mraz . . . but things didn’t click until he went all-in on country music.

He told CMT, quote, “I think the timing for what I’m doing is perfect.  It’s easy to look back and say, ‘What if I came to Nashville sooner?'”

Obviously, it wouldn’t have gone as well because he wasn’t ready.  And now that he’s older and in the right place, he’s not going to do something foolish and blow it.

Quote, “It’s all about taking it seriously and longevity and wanting to really take care of the music, the songs and the lyrics and be here for a while.  Yeah, it started late for me, but I think it’s because it was supposed to.”