Local News Headlines 9/12/18

The President and First Lady attended the 9-11 Memorial on the 17th Anniversary of the September 11th, 2001 attacks, yesterday.

The two men charged in the death of a Hollidaysburg teen, learned their fate yesterday.

An all-night argument led to the arrests of two persons suspected of making methamphetamines.

Bill Cosby wants a Pennsylvania judge to step down from his case, days before sentencing on sex assault charges.

Joe Murgo told us earlier this week, now the National Weather Service says Hurricane Florence may spare Pennsylvania.

Triple-A says is you have travel plans, make sure you check with your airline before planning to leave. They expect thousands of flight cancellations as a result of Hurricane Florence.

The former Bishop of Pittsburgh will travel to Rome to discuss his resignation with Pope Francis.

The Blair County Airport Authority is asking the County for support in securing a loan.