Local News Headlines 9/11/18

As the area deals with flooding conditions from the past several days, all eyes are looking south toward Hurricane Florence, a new category 4 storm.

Today is the 17th Anniversary of the 9-11 attacks and President Trump and the First Lady will visit the Flight 93 Memorial in Shanksville.

Authorities now believe a landslide may have caused a methane gas pipeline explosion near Aliquippa yesterday.

A Portage man is facing charges in the drug death of another man over the weekend.

A local pharmacy manager has been charged with stealing prescriptions meds from the pharmacy where she worked.

Two former guards at the Blair County prison are facing charges of hazing another guard and possibly setting him on fire.

Things are back to normal in state prisons following a lock-down imposed on August 29th in the wake of a series of staff illnesses.

More changes orders coming for the new Altoona High School building project.

The Spring Cove School board and the municipalities within the district are digging in over the realty transfer tax.