Mick Jagger New Tunes 9/5/18

Yesterday (September 4th) Mick Jagger tweeted footage of him at home laying down harmonica tracks through his computer to a new song, with the caption: “Harmonica playing on new tunes!” It remains unclear whether he’s recording the part for a new solo project or the Rolling Stones‘ new album — although as the 2001 TV special Being Mick showed, Jagger is know to lay down tracks away from the studio in the comfort of his own home.

The Rolling Stones were actually recording a new album when the December 2015 sessions morphed into the blues tracks that made up 2016’s Blue & Lonesome. Stones producer Don Was maintains that there is ample original material already in the can: [“It’s really too early to . . .  how many songs that we’ve actually recorded will make a record in the future. Y’know, we cut 30 to get at least 15. So, there’s all kinds of stuff. And that’s why I say I couldn’t even tell you what’s going to stand the test of time, and very little of it has gone past the initial tracking date.”] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . initial tracking date)

When we last caught up with Ron Wood, he told us that the eight or so Mick Jagger – Keith Richards originals already in the can from their then-recent sessions might end up being there for a while: [“Well, those things have to cook awhile, y’know, the new songs. No, I thought I’d leave this up to Mick this time, and, y’know, Keith was saying, ‘Well, let’s see where it’s gonna take shape.’ ‘Cause, I always come in with songs if they haven’t got any (laughs). I like to see what they come up with first. But those songs are gonna sit a while and maybe be re-done, whereas the blues songs, we just hit it once (claps) — bang! Y’know, next song! We had the album in two, three days.”] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . two three days)


  • The Rolling Stones  Mick JaggerKeith RichardsCharlie Watts, and Ron Wood — have helped curate a pretty impressive blues collection titled, Confessin’ The Blues, which drops on November 9th. The news of the set comes on the heels of the band’s Grammy Award winning 2016 set, Blue & Lonesome.
  • According to the official press release, “Confessin’ The Blues includes tracks by the biggest blues pioneers including Howlin’ WolfJohn Lee HookerElmore JamesMuddy WatersChuck BerryBig Bill Broonzy, and Robert Johnson. All of these artists had an impact on the nascent Rolling Stones, be they influencing Keith’s guitar licks or Mick’s vocals and lyrics. As Ronnie Wood says: ‘That’s how Mick and Keith first got close as well, on the train coming back from college. They noticed each other’s record collection and it was,’ Hey, you’ve got Muddy Waters. You must be a good guy, let’s form a band.'”
  • A Portion of the proceeds will benefit Willie Dixon’s Blues Heaven Foundation.