Metallica Watches 8/29/18

Metallica has teamed up with watch-maker Nixon for a new line of timepieces. Some of the wristwatches are simple, featuring a Ride the Lightning backdrop, or an image lifted from a Pushead-designed shirt. One watch is a Sanitarium-themed piece with a twisted cage. There’s also a Black Album watch that unless you’re a Metallica fan, you may not even know what it represents. Another watch has a cracked look to the face representing And Justice for All.

All are available through the Metallica website with prices ranging from $150-$750.


Sentry Leather “Seek & Destroy” $200 USD

* Bullet indices
* “Flying V” seconds hand
* Embossed bullet crown

* “Seek And Destroy” internal band print

Sentry Leather “Black Album” $250 USD

* Full grain leather
* Metallica Barb seconds hand
* Leather textured dial

Time Teller “Ride the Lightning” $125 USD

“Ride the Lightning” design under crystal
Time Teller “Kill ‘Em All” $125 USD

Metallica Hammer arm
* “Kill ‘Em All” custom dial

Time Teller “Pushead” $125 USD

Nail hour & minutes hand
* Torq screw indices
* Metallica Barb seconds hand
* “Pushead” etched detail

Time Teller “Hardwired” $125 USD

* Glitch Metallica logo
* “Hardwired” custom dial
* Metallica Barb seconds hand

51-30 Model

51-30 “Master of Puppets” $500 USD

The 3-link stainless steel easy-to-read 51 mm design that launched the oversized trend, with:

* Unique multilayer “Cross” dial
* Metallica Barb seconds hand
* Textured center links
* Helmet cross embossed crown

Special Limited Edition

51-30 Tide LTD “Sanitarium” $750 USD

Easy-to-read 51 mm design that launched the oversized trend, with adjustable tide tracker, plus:

* Custom bezel with “Prison Bar” cage
* Tally marks on dial ring
* “Insane / Sane” sub dial
* Embossed tally marks on crown