Dustin Lynch Once Snuck Into the Opry, and Now He’s Been Invited to Join

Dustin Lynch had a career moment on Tuesday when he was asked to join the Grand Ole Opry. Trace Adkins did the inviting . . . and the official induction will happen on September 18th.

Dustin talked about it later. Apparently, he’s an emotional guy. He said quote, “I’m a crier. And I held it back to just about two minutes of tears.”

It was also a full-circle thing, because Trace was one of the first country stars he met, and probably the first one to insult him. It was back in high school, Dustin was with his girlfriend, and he asked Trace to take a photo with them.

He said, quote, “[Trace] looked at me and he looked at her and said, ‘Darlin’, you’re dating this little shrimp?’ Fast forward however many years it’s been and he invites me to become a member of the Opry.”

He also made a confession. Quote, “The first time I came here I snuck in under someone else’s name. A buddy [got] put on the list and I used his name to get in backstage. I remember sweating bullets.”