Slash Interview 8/15/18

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has given his first major interview since reuniting in the group with singer Axl Rose and bassist Duff McKagan — although the legendary axeman was reticent to speak in depth about how the reunion came together after nearly 20 years of estrangement between him and Axl. Asked how the two finally mended their friendship, Slash replied, “I’d just rather not even get into it. Because at this point, it’s like, Guns N’ Roses is, and that’s basically all that really needs to be said. I don’t like to get into the dynamics of how . . . ’cause it always gets misconstrued.”

Asked if he was worried about screwing up a good situation by saying too much, Slash countered, “I’m not worried about f**king it up. . . . it’s been really a wonderful experience, and I’ve been having really a great time with it, and everybody’s been getting along great. And the f**kin’ fans have been amazing.”

Slash also said, “I’m not lighting that fuse,” when asked about the possibility of making new Guns music, adding, “If something happens, then it happens.” He also declined to go into detail about why founding guitarist Izzy Stradlin was not part of the reunion, saying, “I’m not gonna go anywhere near that. I thought what he had to say about it, from what I saw — I didn’t read the whole thing — but the basic come away, I thought, was well handled.”

Three-fifths of the original Guns lineup reunited in 2016 after last performing together more than two decades earlier. The “Not In This Lifetime” tour, which is now one of the highest-grossing in music history, launched in April of that year with a nightclub gig in Los Angeles and shows no signs of stopping, with more dates booked in November.

Story source: Rolling Stone


  • The last Guns studio album, Chinese Democracy, came out in 2008 and featured only Axl from the classic lineup.
  • Slash will release his fourth solo album and third with his band The ConspiratorsLiving The Dream, on September 21st. He’ll hit the road with the Conspirators for a month, beginning September 13th in Los Angeles.


  • Why do you think Slash is so reluctant to talk about the details of the Guns reunion?
  • Do you think he’s worried that he’ll say something that will set the always volatile Axl off?
  • Do you think this version of the band will record or just keep touring?