Sugarland Dares Their Opening Acts to Blow Them Off the Stage

SUGARLAND is NOT afraid that their opening acts might blow them off the stage and make them look bad.  They even encourage them to try.

KRISTIAN BUSH says “We learned this a long time ago from Kenny Chesney.  If there was a conversation about what we could or couldn’t use . . . like speakers or lights, he would say, ‘Use everything.  Blow me off the stage.’

“I’ve always remembered that, so it’s what I tell these guys.  ‘Do your best show, blow it up.  Shame us, you know?’  I love it.”

The interview also touched on the never-ending rumors about bad blood between Kristian and JENNIFER NETTLES.  Everyone seems to think that’s why Sugarland was on hiatus for so long.  She knocked that one down.

“We always said the [reunion] door was open, but the media loves a scandalous spin.  I think they’ve been so accustomed to when people do solo work that they never work together again because they’ve had a falling out.  Neither of those things were the case with us.”