Jason Aldean Holds His Pregnant Wife’s Hair Back . . . and that was Real Booze in “Drowns the Whiskey”

JASON ALDEAN’s wife Brittany is pregnant with their second baby, and suffering from the usual bouts of morning sickness.  But he says she doesn’t let it slow her down.

“She’s not too much of a diva when it comes to that kind of stuff anyway . . . she doesn’t sit back and let you wait on her, hand and foot.”  Luckily, he says she’s finally starting to turn the corner.

In the meantime, he DOES help.  And that means holding her hair back when she gets sick.

As for whether it’s a boy or girl, he doesn’t care.  He’s got two daughters and a son.  Quote, “As long as it’s a healthy baby, that’s all I really care about.”

Other stuff we learned:  That was real Jack Daniels in those shots of delicious booze in the video for “Drowns the Whiskey”.  Quote, “We were like, ‘Hey, if we’re gonna be singing a song about whiskey, I don’t want to be sitting here drinking sweet tea.'”

You never see him and MIRANDA LAMBERT drink any, but they did during the shoot.  Quote, “I’ve always said Miranda can hang with any guy I know.”

As for his poison of choice, his pre-game cocktail on tour is . . . Crown Royal, 7UP, and a lemon.