Carrie Underwood Doesn’t Kill Anybody Off on Her New Album

One of the great things about CARRIE UNDERWOOD is how she looks like the girl next door . . . AS she’s dishing out the pain.  I’m talking about “Before He Cheats”“Two Black Cadillacs”“Dirty Laundry”. . . songs like that.

But it sounds like we won’t be getting any of the ‘evil Carrie’ on her new album.  She tells Taste of Country, quote, “I don’t think I kill anybody off on this one.  I know.  It’s so unlike me.  Everybody lives at the end.”

There’ll be drama, but it’ll be reality-based.  Quote, “I feel like just me and where I am in my life.  Just going through this crazy life that we go through.  I’ve grown up a lot and I feel like ‘the drama’ is more real-life.”

She says this album’s songwriting was influenced by her son Isaiah and her husband Mike Fisher.  Quote, “You draw off of personal experiences and people you know.  Your life influences your music.”

“Cry Pretty” will be out September 14th.