AC/DC Recording????

A Canadian journalist claims that AC/DC members Stevie YoungPhil Rudd, and Axl Rose were spotted in downtown Vancouver. In his blog he noted that his sources chatted with them and speculated that they may be recording.

He wrote: “Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Rudd and the younger Young were spotted today in the city where AC/DC recorded its last three albums. Maybe they just travelled over from Australia for a little vacay or something. But it’s also possible that they were laying down tracks for the next AC/DC album at the same location (Gastown’s Warehouse Studio) with the same engineer-mixer (Langley’s Mike Frasier) as the last three times.”

Earlier this year, drummer Chris Slade was asked about whether or not AC/DC planned to record a new studio album with Axl Rose and he said, “My lips are sealed. And if I knew, I couldn’t say a word anyway.”