A Guy Is Facing Charges For Breaking a Car Window to Save Two Dogs

There may not be many things worth going to jail for . . . but this is one of them.

A guy named Richard Hill from Parma, Ohio was walking through a Walmart parking lot on Saturday afternoon when he noticed a crowd around a car with two dogs inside.  So he grabbed a hammer and broke the window to rescue the dogs.

BUT . . . when the cops came and reviewed some security footage, it turned out the dogs had only been in the car for eight minutes.  And the high in Parma that day was 78, so it was warm, but probably not dangerous yet.

So they cited Richard for criminal damage.

There’s a law in Ohio that’s supposed to give people immunity for breaking a car window to rescue a child or an animal.  But based on the temperature and how long the dogs had been in the car, apparently the cops felt they didn’t need rescuing.

It COULD have been dangerous if they’d been in the car for much longer.  Even though it was only in the 70s, it can still get up into the 90s and 100s inside of a car surprisingly fast.

It looks like Richard is going to fight the charge.  He says, quote, “This situation right here, is what deters people from actually stepping up and doing the right thing.”