Here’s How Country Artists Deal with Hot and Sweaty Weather While on Stage

Country artists may love performing at festivals and fairs, but they’re not so crazy about the heat and humidity.  “Billboard” wondered how they cope with it.

BRETT ELDREDGE accepts that he’s going to be a mess by the time he’s done.  “I’m going to look like I just took a shower.  There’s just no escaping it.”

JON PARDI says, “It sucks.  But I always try to remember one simple thing: There [are] fans out there, and all they want to do is have a good time, so they’re sweating it out with you.  No excuses.”

Little Big Town’s KAREN FAIRCHILD says it’s a mixed bag.  “Heat is good for the throat.  Moisture and the humidity is good, but not so great on the hair and body.”

Meanwhile, CHARLIE DANIELS brings his own relief in the form of a stand-alone room air conditioner.  The kind you put water in.  “But instead of water, we put ice in it, and we surround it with fans so it blows the cold air around . . . and they’re [pointed] in my direction.  It still gets hot, I still sweat and everything, but it makes it very bearable.”