Jon Pardi’s Girlfriend Found a Brown Recluse Spider in Their Bed

People asked JON PARDI what really frightens him, and it’s safe to say he has plenty of company on this one.  Quote, “Brown recluse spiders in your bed.  That’s really scary.”

Even scarier, he has first-hand knowledge.  He says his girlfriend once rifled through their sheets and found a “huge brown recluse.”  That sent him on a mission to warn the world.

“I let everybody know they’re called ‘recluse’ because they like to hide in dark, cool places.  I’m studying these guys.  I’m not getting bit by one.

“I’ve seen pictures of the bites and it’s not fun.  Black flesh, skin grafts.  That’s probably the most scary thing in my life right now.”

Some of those pictures may have been of Meghan Linsey, who went through hell after her brown recluse ordeal.