Wynonna Thinks Blake Shelton’s Drinking is Killing Too Many Brain Cells

BLAKE SHELTON was probably half-joking when he said his on-stage tumble last weekend happened because he drank too much.  According to him, he’s always drinking too much and it’s no big deal.

But it left the door open for people to talk about it, so WYNONNA JUDD was asked in an interview if a lot of country stars “loosen up” before performing.  She’s had her own issues with substance abuse so it may have been a way to get her to go there.

Her answer was all over the place, but she did eventually say this:   “I love Blake and I get it.  I understand that some people do all that.

“I’ve asked some of the greatest singers, whether it’s Tony Bennett or other people, and we all agree that we need all the brain cells we can have onstage.  I’ve worked with so many mavericks [and] I just have seen too many . . . it didn’t end well.”