Kip Moore’s Fans Have Tattoos with the Number of His Shows They’ve Seen

Rolling Stone talked to KIP MOORE about his reputation for having dedicated fans.  They don’t just love his hits, they also pay attention to the deep album cuts . . . and you can see them mouthing the lyrics at his shows.

And they go to a LOT of his shows.  He said, quote, “I’ve seen fans with tattoos of their 75th shows.  It’s a very special thing we have going on.”

They asked him why he gets so much love and he said it’s because he gives everything he’s got, every single time.

“A lot of artists put it on cruise control.   A lot of times, stuff feels stock.  They might put on the same exact show, and have the same exact conversation with the audience, and eventually the audience picks up on it.

“I always try to stay very present during my shows.  I think that pays dividends.”

He believes his fans are in it for the long haul too.  Quote, “They’re with me for the next 20 or 30 years.  We’ve built something that’s solid.  Our foundation is not going to blow away in a storm.  It’s gonna stay there.”