Lady Antebellum Have Gone to Group Counseling, As a Band

LADY ANTEBELLUM was on NBC’s “Sunday Today” to promote their Summer Plays On Tour with Darius Rucker.  It kicks off Thursday in Toronto. They covered stuff we already know, like HILLARY SCOTT’s mom is old school country singer Linda Davis and that CHARLES KELLEY and DAVE HAYWOOD have known each other since middle school. They also talked about going on hiatus in 2015 to recharge the batteries, and getting back together last year “reunited and refreshed.”  And then WILLIE GEIST brought up how they did therapy together, and he didn’t know that bands went into group therapy.  Charles said, quote, “They should. It helps. We’ve done a lot of it recently while getting into this. I do think when bands don’t talk and then let out some of that stuff, without an unbiased professional, it’s not good.”  Dave compared the band’s therapy to marriage counseling.