Jake Owen On Why Performers Are “Kind of Like Puppies”

Remember last month when JAKE OWEN thanked a fan on Instagram who said nice things about him?  Well, CMT asked him about it and he said the guy’s comments were flattering, and when he’s flattered he says thanks.

Plus, social media is important to him.  He actually LIKES to read Twitter after a show because he wants to know what people are saying.  “I’m like anyone.  All of us [are] affected by what people say about us.”

He believes all performers want to be loved, although they may not admit it.

“The reason we all got into this . . . the reason we all want to walk out on stage and sing songs and hear people clap is that we want to know that people are appreciating what we’re doing.

“We’re all kind of like puppies.  We just need to be patted on the head and told that we’re loved.”