Miranda Lambert Hung Up on the First Interviewer Who Asked About Gwen Stefani

You might not have noticed this, but MIRANDA LAMBERT didn’t do any interviews to promote her latest album, “The Weight of These Wings”.  For a very specific reason . . .  she’d already been through hell creating it.

In other words, her personal life was a mess, making music was the best way to deal with it, and she was happy how it worked out.  But explaining all that in a bunch of press events?  No thanks.

Well, she’s talking about it now.  Here’s how she put it in a new interview.  “It was hell . . .  putting my words on paper.  So I didn’t want to rehash.  I’d finally gotten to a place where I wasn’t sad anymore.

“All the sad moments were there, all the truths were right in those songs.  All you had to do was listen.  I didn’t need to say anything.”

If that sounds a little dramatic, listen to this.  Once the album was out, she finally got on the phone for the first interview.  And the very first question was, “How do you feel about Gwen?”  So she hung up and stopped talking.  Until now.

Next up is her stuff with the Pistol Annies, which takes the pressure off writing alone.  She describes it as, quote, “a slumber party with songwriting.”