Local News Headlines 7/3/18

Here’s your Tuesday Morning headlines:

Some violent thunderstorms accompanied with over two inches of rain fell in a very short period of time causing flooding and power outages yesterday.

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court has set a deadline for those seeking to block a grand jury report.

Authorities in Blair County have released the identity of the Tipton woman who succumbed to the extreme heat over the weekend.

A Duncansville man is facing charges of trying to buy a gun when he is not permitted to own one.

State Police in Ebensburg are looking for a man who apparently likes to expose himself in public.

If you’re looking to cool off from the heat, look no further than the VanZant V-A Medical center.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey, Jr. calls himself a pro-life Democrat but his voting record paints a different picture.

Triple-A is projecting record travel for the Fourth of July holiday period.