Michael Ray Learned How to Stop Trying to Be “The Cool Guy”

MICHAEL RAY was talking to People” about his growth as an artist.  He said his first album was all about being “the cool guy” . . . and “the dude.”  He thought that’s what he needed to be.

And then he went on the road and started talking to fans, and they shared all kinds of personal and real stories about their lives.

He says, quote, “They taught me it’s cool to be vulnerable as a man . . . and it’s okay to be really real, to be real open.  I realized that’s what we’re here for.”

So he channeled that stuff into his second album, “Amos” . . . which, as you may know, was his late grandfather’s first name.  There are no songs about Amos on the album, but he’s certainly there in spirit.

Chris says he even hears one of his grandfather’s sayings when things are going bad and he feels sorry for himself.

Here it is, quote:  “If you think you’ve got something wrong, there’s somebody that would trade their left arm to be in your position.”